About Us
Tyrepoint.com.au has become one of Australia’s leading online tyre retailers, changing the way Australian motorists purchase tyres. Our major points of difference to other online retailers include:

1. We don’t charge you anything online! This means our customers have absolute peace of mind about their tyre purchase including tyre quality, delivery delays or online threats.  Our customer will ONLY pay when in store, once the work is completed.

2. Tyrepoint boasts one of the largest tyre range and stock holdings in Australia. We stock tyres rather than sourcing from elsewhere, enabling us to offer true same day despatch.
3. Our low-price strategy combined with unparalleled customer service has saved our customers lots of money whilst providing great consumer experiences.

4. Providing that great consumer experience is the key to our success – thus we engage and listen to our customers, taking on your valuable feedback to find ways to improve and evolve.

5. We understand that communication is the key to a stress-free online shopping experience.  With that in mind, Tyrepoint.com.au ensures that our customers can contact us at any time through their purchase process. 


    We are committed to offering customers our most competitive and irresistible tyre prices in Australia.

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    Tyrepoint has over 100 approved fitment centres across Australia, all of which have state-of-the-art equipment.

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    For your convenience, we have answered a series of FAQs about our services.

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    Contact Number: 1300 089 733

    Our customer service opening hours are

    Monday to Friday       8:00am to 5:30pm
    Saturday      8:00am to 3:30pm