• Is Tyrepoint an Australian company?

    Yes Tyrepoint.com.au is an Australian owned and maintained company. Our office is located in Melbourne, but we have warehouses throughout Australia.

  • Who will fit and balance my tyres if I buy from Tyrepoint.com.au?

    We have an extensive network of approved fitment centres across Australia. You can choose your nominated fitment centre during the checkout process.

  • How can I find new tyres for my car?

    The best way to find new tyres for your vehicle is to check the tyres you are using now. You can refer to our Tyre Size Guide for more information or assistance. All you need to do is to enter the correct tyre size information into our search box to see our full range and prices. If you still need help, you can use our Live chat or call us on 1300 089 733

  • Do you sell and fit tyres for Light Trucks, Motorhomes or larger Commercial Vehicles?

    Please notify us at the time of purchase because fitting these tyres require larger workshops and different machines depending on the size of tyres. Please let us know through Livechat or call us at 1300 089 733

  • What if you do not sell the tyre I am after?

    If you cannot locate the tyre you are after, please contact us via our Contact Us page or on 1300 089 733.  We will do our best to find your desired tyre as quickly as possible and with the best price.

  • How do I buy my tyres from Tyrepoint?

    We offer four easy steps: 

    1. Select your tyres online (from the search box on homepage) 
    2. Book in your approved local fitment centre.  After entering your postcode, the nearest centre will be shown to you where you can make your appointment also
    3. We will contact you to confirm your order and then send the tyres fast and free, usually the same day 
    4. You will visit your nominated fitment centre at your nominated date & time and pay after the job is done! * If you need wheel alignment as an extra option, you can also choose this during checkout

  • How soon is my order dispatched?

    We offer same-day dispatch for orders received before 12pm on business days. Orders placed after 12pm will be dispatched the next business day (excludes public holidays). All orders placed on Saturday after 12pm or on Sundays will be despatched on Monday.

  • What happens if I order the wrong tyre size?

    As we will always contact you to verify your order, the likelihood of an incorrect tyre being delivered is very rare.  However, if an incorrect tyre is ordered and delivered, we can rectify your tyre order with no extra cost - you simply pay the difference in the tyre price (where applicable).

  • How do I book my fitment appointment?

    During checkout, you will be asked to choose a fitment centre after entering your postcode. After selecting that, you can book a convenient time and day to you’re your tyres fitted. We will keep you informed, should any changes to your booking time be required.

  • How long does it take to fit my tyres?

    Fitting tyres normally takes up to 1 hour depending on the workload of the fitting centre at your selected date and time. Tyrepoint’s online booking system and express delivery saves you time and effort, minimising the required wait time in the fitting centre.  All our approved fitment centres have been selected meticulously in terms of cleanliness, accuracy, waiting area, reputation and customer service.

  • How long does it for my tyres to be delivered?

    Depending on your location in Australia, delivery times can vary between 1-6 business days. Our advanced online booking system takes into account the normal lead time to deliver your tyres to your nominated fitment centre.  This way, you can’t book in your fitting before the tyres are delivered saving you time and inconvenience.  

  • Is there a charge for delivery?

    Absolutely not! We offer FAST & FREE DELIVERY on all orders.

  • Do I need to change my tyres?

    You need to look at the wear indicators (the rubber blocks found in 4 grooves that run around the tyre circumference). The legal limit of wear indicators’ thickness in Australia is 1.6mm. However, when the tread depth of your tyre gets below 2mm, you need to change your tyre to avoid any legal penalty and avoid risks. Also a number of other reasons like tyre's age, tyre damage and vehicle mileage should also be considered.

  • I don’t know my tyre size & I can’t find it!

    We have provided two tabs at the top of our web page to help you find the tyres you need.  These are “Find My Tyres” & “Tyre Size Guide”.  If still you have problems finding it, please call our friendly customer service team on 1300 089 733.

  • Are you selling aged stock tyres?

    No way! At tyrepoint.com.au, we only sell new stock, product still within the manufacturer warranty period. In addition, you can find the age of your tyres on the tyre sidewall via the 4-digit build stamp (e.g. 2617). The first two digits represent the week and the last two digits represent the year in which the tyre was manufactured (e.g. 2617 represents the 26th week of 2017).

  • What is a Tyre Placard?

    This sticker contains useful information about the tyre type, size, and speed rating you need to look for which can be found either on the driver’s side door, in the glove box or under the fuel cap. You also can find the correct inflation pressures for your front and back tyres in that table.

  • What tyre pressure should I use?

    The Tyre Placard will show you the exact pressure you need for your front and back tyres. Please note that the tyres on your car match the placard sticker since the car’s previous owner(s) may have purchased non-standard tyres for your car. In that case, the tyre pressure may vary. The pressure on the placard is called COLD pressure, which is the tyres pressure before you have driven your car. Driving your car increases the pressure, so you need to take the measure while your car is still cold.

  • What are the extra markings on my tyres? (N1, MOE, MO, RO1, AO, etc)

    The extra markings on tyre sidewall are all meaningful and may refer to one of the below, if not stated before:

    AO : Original tyres for Audi, made specifically for Audi vehicles
    * : Original tyres for BMW, made specifically for BMW vehicles
    N0, N1, N2, N3, N4, etc : Original tyres for Porsche, made specifically for Porsche vehicles. The numerical escalation reflects enhancements to the previous generation of the same tyre pattern
    MO : Original tyres for Mercedes-Benz
    MOE : Mercedes Original Equipment Extended Mobility, these tyres are designed to work like run-flat tyres for Mercedes vehicles only
    RO1, RO2 : Original tyres for Audi Quattro, RS4, RS6, R8
    RWL : Raised White Lettering
    RBL : Raised Black Lettering

  • What are space savers?

    It is a replacement tyre for your car that is smaller in size than the regular fitted tyres to save room.  Please ensure you limit the use of space saver tyres and replace or repair your damaged tyre as soon as possible.  Space savers must be driven at a maximum speed limit of 80km and can affect the handling and control of your vehicle.

  • What is a Runflat Tyre?

    Run Flat tyres mean safety. They provide greater control of your car in emergency conditions and allow you to continue driving safely even during a rapid loss of inflation pressure. With Run Flat, you will retain mobility in the event of a puncture. However, the driver must maintain a steady speed of no greater than 80km/h, for a maximum distance of between 50km - 80km. Runflat tyres may only be fitted onto vehicles that have a functional Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS).

  • What are Eco tyres?

    Clean technologies are the future of the world.  As tyre technology continues to improve, consumers are being given a choice to buy tyres that are more environmentally friendly. The Eco Tyre lowers the rolling resistance which reduces fuel consumption, which in turn, leads to less C02 emissions into the atmosphere.

  • What is a Wheel Alignment & is it extra?

    A wheel alignment involves checking the direction and angle of the wheels to ensure they remain parallel to one another. Adjustments can then be made to the tie rods and control arms to correct alignment. This has several benefits but the easiest to remember is that alignment helps you to drive in a straight “line” since vehicles with misaligned wheels can pull or drift to one side. Even the slightest amount of difference could be enough to cause uneven wear for your tyres.  Yes, there is an additional cost for wheel alignments.  We believe the extra cost is worth every cent as aligned tyres will ensure you get the maximum wear life and driving performance you would expect from your tyres and your vehicle.

  • What is the difference between  Wheel Alignment and Tyre Balance?

    Often regarded as the same process, wheel alignment and wheel balancing are two entirely different automotive maintenance items that both affect ride and handling. If a wheel is out of balance, it will cause a vibration that can be felt in the steering wheel and/or seat, while a wheel out of alignment can cause excessive Tyre wear as well as steering problems. Wheel alignments consists of adjusting the wheel angles so they are perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each other. Regular wheel alignments will maximize tyre life and enable a vehicle to track in a straight manner. A car that is out of alignment will pull or drift away from a straight line. In comparison, wheel balancing provides a smoother ride by minimizing tyre bounce, which will in turn help improve traction and steering control as well as extend tyre life. Wheels that are out of balance will develop a cupped wear pattern, since one section of the Tyre is heavier than the other sections when that Tyre is not balanced.

  • How much does a wheel alignment cost?

    You can add wheel alignments to your order for just $109 during checkout. Your nominated fitment centre will have modern equipment for tyre fitting, balancing, and wheel alignment.


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